What is Buckman Second Line?

For the last year, our children have been learning about the New Orleans Second Line, a processional form that is a celebration of life. It includes movement, music, and visual expression. Last year, the Regional Arts and Culture Council awarded us a grant to support this year-long thematic focus, and through this grant, we have been able to bring in several visiting artists for assemblies, staff trainings in drumming and dance, and many other events. Using our Run for the Arts funds, many classrooms have been able to do projects based on this theme.

Each grade will contribute its own unique expression of Second Line or New Orleans culture. Classes will use elements they created for their performances during the year. Guest musicians and dancers will lead us and give us inspiration along the way.

The Buckman Second Line will take place on Wednesday, June 11 after school, starting at 3:30 on our black top. We will march through the neighborhood, to Lone Fir Cemetery and back to school, where we will celebrate the end of the year with the family picnic. The organizers of the picnic have arranged for several food carts to be present, and music will continue to play. It will be a very festive afternoon and evening. The entire community is welcome to join the Buckman Line. For more information, contact Chisao Hata.

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Buckman Foundation Introduces Grade-level Party Concept

Our next fundraising effort will be grade level parties, where a parent or group of parents from each grade come together and agree to host a party…any kind of party…that will build community among Buckman families while at the same time bring in some funds for the Foundation (which is the group that raises money for staffing – including the arts teachers). The type of party and how you raise money is completely up to the hosts. We anticipate all kinds of fun ideas, from margarita nights, everything ’80′s or hippies vs. hipsters for adult parties to ice cream socials, movie nights or family dances for a more kid-centered event. You could charge per person or sell raffle tickets for items you’ve procured. Ideally we’d like to see these parties happen between February and April. Let us know if you have questions, need ideas, or want to be a Host with the Most! diane.zipper@gmail.com or studio@margaretspeth.com

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