The Buckman Foundation is one of over 30 local school foundations operating under the umbrella of the nonprofit Portland Public Schools Foundation. Visit for more information on the work of the Portland Public Schools Foundation.  Money raised through the Buckman Foundation is the only way we are able to fill the gap between funds provided for staffing by Portland Public Schools and funds needed to maintain our desired staffing model.

For more information about the Buckman Foundation or to inquire about joining the Buckman Foundation Board, e-mail foundation at buckmanelementary dot org.

Fundraising Activities and Events
Buckman receives no additional support for our arts specialist program staff beyond Portland Public Schools basic financial support for instruction.  While the Buckman community has always prioritized district funding to underwrite our arts specialists, Buckman Foundation support has been essential to fill the substantial gaps in funding for our entire staff.

  • Buckman Foundation donations last year were critical to helping retain our outstanding arts-integrated programs this year.
  • Funding from the Buckman Foundation is critical in order to retain a similar staffing model next year.
  • Donations are tax deductible. The Buckman Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Buckman Foundation’s Tax ID# is 93-1149789.

How much should I give?
We estimate that keeping staffing at its current level will require an average of $300 per Buckman student this school year.  That’s about $25 per month over the course of a calendar year!  If you cannot give $300, please give as much as you can. Every dollar truly helps and does make a difference. We need support from every Buckman family to ensure that our children continue to get the rich and diverse education they deserve.

How can I make my donation go further?
Ask your company if it will match your donation. Many companies match employee donations to 501(c)(3) nonprofit entities like the Buckman Foundation. Your company will receive recognition through a thank-you letter and receipt for tax purposes.

How else can I help?
Do you have family members, friends or neighbors who may want to contribute? Print or e-mail this page and pass it along. Many Portlanders understand and appreciate the value of supporting Portland’s only arts-integrated public elementary school.

How do I donate?
Monthly and one-time donations are welcome and needed. Click here to sign up for monthly giving, or click here to make a one-time donation. (Important: Make sure you select Buckman Elementary School in the «Donate to» drop-down menu.)

You can also pick up a donation form in the school office.

Every donation, no matter how small, makes a difference. Please donate today.