The Buckman Site Council provides leadership, direction and support to the school community to achieve school improvement that addresses both district and school priorities in accordance with Oregon Administration Regulations for the 21st Century School and Portland Public Schools’ Policies for Site Councils.¬† Site Council members include our school principal along with four to five staff and four parent/guardian elected representatives.

The scope of work of the Site Council includes:

  • Assisting in developing, reviewing, and monitoring the School Improvement Plan (SIP)
  • Developing and coordinating plans for staff development needed to implement the SIP, in consultation with the principal and staff.
  • Developing an effective, two-way communications plan with the school community around issues of school improvement and student achievement.
  • Administering grants in aid of professional development to support SIP

For the 2012-2013 school year:

The Site Council meets monthly. All meetings follow the Open Meeting Law of the State of Oregon; thus all are welcome and encouraged to attend. Meeting agendas are posted no less than 24 hours prior to Site Council meetings, both on Buckman’s BigTent site and on the bulletin board across from the school office.

Our Site Council Members for 2012-2013:

Principal: Brian Anderson

Staff Representatives: Anne Miles, Regina Pirruccello, Zachary Vestal

Parent Representatives: Greg Greenway, Catherine Greenblatt, Wendy Marich, Grace O’hanlon, Sarah Suby, Joshua Zeller