Want to help our school earn money in a very easy way?


Scrip is the “no cost to you” fundraiser!
How does it work?

  1. Buckman’s Scrip team buys gift cards from local businesses and national chain stores and restaurants–at a discount. (For example, they buy a $100 gift card for Fred Meyer, at 4% discount, or $96.)
  2. Our Scrip team then sells those gift cards to you at face value ($100).
  3. Buckman keeps the difference! ($4 for Buckman!)

We sell Scrip 8:20am to 9:00am every Monday morning and Friday afternoon 2:45pm-3:15pm (school days).  We place pre-orders every two weeks. Stop by the Scrip table on Monday or turn in the order form with payment to the Scrip box in the office. Pick up is on Monday/Friday during table sales or by arrangement.

Contact Samantha Bruner for info.