Field Day on June 2

Buckman Field Day is THIS FRIDAY, June 2.  Set up generally begins around 11AM and the event starts promptly after the last recess at 1:00pm. This is a fun annual event, but to pull it off, it will require volunteers to quickly set up the lower playground in about 5 minutes!  Volunteers are also needed to help with each game or field event, set-up, and clean-up. If you’re able to stay for both sessions, please do! We also need volunteers to hand out popsicles at the end of the day.  Field Day ends at 2:55PM

Each grade participates as following:

K-2nd: 1-1:55
3rd-5th: 2-2:55

Please sign up to volunteer here!

Get Updates on School Funding at Last PTA Meeting of the School Year

Please join the PTA for the final meeting of the school year on Tuesday, May 30, from 6 to 8 pm in the school cafetorium. Ms. Kosmala will be updating us on the funding situation for the 2017/18 school year and how it will impact staffing. Childcare will be provided and pizza will be served from 6 – 6:30 pm before the meeting begins.

February Is Kindness Month

This February, Buckman is participating in a school-wide initiative focusing on kindness. Throughokindness_calut the month, students at all grade levels will be encouraged to focus on kindness in every day challenges, specific programs, and dedicated projects.

The Month of Kindness kicked off with the Sandy Hook Promise program “Start with Hello,” aimed at encouraging students to reach out to those who may be experiencing social isolation. You may have also noticed the compliment board and kindness calendar located in the front lobby of the school. Stop by and see what students are up to, as well as the kind words they have to share with one another.

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 15.48.15The culminating event will take place March 3rd, when the school will come together to paint and decorate rocks with uplifting messages as part of the Kindness Rocks project. Students will bring rocks home to discuss what they have learned about kindness, and they can then place the rocks out in the community. There will be a great need for parent volunteers on March 3rd to make this wonderful project take off, so please consider signing up in one of two ways:

  • If you have small to medium size river rocks or want to donate paint pens or spray paint please sign up here: and  bring them to Wendy Crozier in room 101 by Thursday, February 23rd.
  • If you would like to sign up to help on the day of the event, please go to








PTA Meeting Minutes: 10.11.2016

Buckman Arts Focus Elementary
PTA Community Meeting Minutes
October 11, 2016
6:00- 8:00 PM
Buckman Cafetorium

6:00-6:30     The first 30 minutes were set aside for pizza and social time

Meeting called to order at 6:30 by Wendy Marich

  1. Welcome and introductions by Wendy Marich, PTA Co-President
  • Introduction of 2016/2017 Board Members Wendy Marich, Sarah Suby, Chamian Creagle, Hillary Woodard, Margaret Speth
  1. General Announcements by Wendy Marich
  • Please check out the murals on the upper playground created by Buckman neighbor, Clutch. He volunteers his time to beautify the school. More public art to come.
  • PTA, in conjunction with Mr. Simmons, will be working to repaint the upper playground lines and map.
  • Thank you to Ms. Rudnick for all of her hard work in the library to expand programming.
  • Diane of SUN requested that we communicate the following SUN announcements
    • Season of Sharing will take place in December. If you or any Buckman families you know have a need for gifts around the holiday times, please contact Diane to find out more about the program and/or to apply.
    • 4th and 5th grade basketball sign ups are happening now
    • November 3rd, there is a Spaghetti Dinner planned
    • November 15th, with the help of Wendy Crozier, Literacy Night is happening at the school. Theme is Carnival of Words. Contact Wendy Crozier to get involved.
  • Room Parents — our teachers need you! Please check in with your teacher about being a room parent for your child’s classroom, or email Nicole Edner
  • We are looking for new PTA Board members for next year. We’d love to show you the ropes this year to make the transition next year easier.  Let us know if you’re interested now. Email
  1.  Review and vote to approve minutes of April 2016 PTA Meeting – Margaret Speth
  • Meeting minutes were reviewed. Angela Kirkman made a motion to approve the minutes. Cheryl Lapsley seconded the motion. Minutes approved unanimously.
  1. Review and vote to approve Standing Rules – Wendy Marich
  • Standing Rules for the 2016/2017 school year will remain the same as last year. We reviewed these rules. Krista Hofmeister made a motion to approve the Standing Rules. Cara Althoff seconded the motion. Standing Rules approved unanimously.
  1. Budget review & AddendumHillary Woodard
  • Hillary reviewed the budget for the 2016/2017 school year highlighting a few of the larger expenditures to explain what they were for.
  • Hillary proposed the necessary action of adding a line item to the budget to pay for an expenditure (6 ipads for the school) that was approved during last school year’s budget cycle. The actual purchase of the ipads did not take place before last budget year ended. And so the proposal was made to add a line item to this years budget to cover this cost – to be called “Reimbursement of Approved Funds from 2015/2016”. Angela Kirkham made a motion to approve the line item. Krista Hofmeister seconded. Approved unanimously.
  1. Fundraising Updates
  • Art Show and Sell – Michelle Cacka
  • Foundation  –   Frances Kappes – Please consider automatic monthly donations and the Foundation is in need of someone to head up apparel sales
  • SCRIP, Chinook Books, Amazon and Fred Meyer rewards
  1. Measure 97 Briefing — Oregon PTA Representative
  • Two representatives presented their argument in favor of Measure 97 which would close the corporate tax loophole and provide a much needed influx of cash to education and some social services.
  1. “State of the School” Presentation  and Q&A by Principal Susan Kosmala
  • Facilities
    • Water – water dispensers are being used successfully throughout the school. No more single use bottles. Keep sending your kid to school with their own water bottle.
    • Buckman Pool – Susan explained the status of the pool due to peeling lead paint, asbestos and the need to relocate the HVAC systems to a different part of the building. Estimates for this repair work is around $350-450K. Friends Of Buckman Pool are pursuing grant money to fund this expense and while they are searching for $$, the pool remains filled with water to keep it limping along. It is unclear at this time if the Friends Of Buckman Pool will be able to come up with the necessary funds.
    • Traffic Patterns – With the shift of stop sign at 16th and Pine from 16th Street to Pine street, there’s has been an increase in speeding down 16th right in front of the school. Susan is meeting with Safer Routes folks to see what can be done to slow traffic around the school
  • School Data –
    • Enrollment is at 465 and the school is comprised of 50% neighborhood and 50% transfer.
    • Susan reviewed Smarter Balanced Test results from the previous year. Inconclusive due to students opting out and the fact that the test has still not been proven valid.
  • New This Year
    • Focus On Literacy – keep an eye out for Literacy Night
    • Bear Hugs, First Wednesday Assemblies, Student Leadership, School Song
    • Students now have two recesses instead of one.
    • PBIS – this is the new behavioral program currently in place.
  • Enrollment numbers should stay stable to growing in the coming years. There is some room to add lottery slots for the older grades but there is no priority placed on trying to get enrollment above 500 because although it would result in more FTE’s for the school, it would also mean class sizes that are too big.  In order for Buckman to pay for all FTEs next year, Measure 97 must pass. The upcoming school budget was based on 97 passing and if it doesn’t, there’s potential for the school to be in a funding crisis. Oye.
  • PE requirements are shifting. 10 years ago there was legislation passed that said all PPS schools must provide 150 minutes of ‘intentionally and sequentially taught movement’. The state gave the schools 10 years to get to this point. Buckman has used time spent doing run/walk, dance, music class and classroom teacher led activities to meet these requirements. It is unclear whether the district will continue to accept the Buckman way of PE or if they will demand Susan hire a dedicated PE teacher. This is another expense that would make it problematic to pay for our arts teachers in the coming years.
  1. Meeting adjourned at 8:40

Is anyone still reading this…..?

Dates to Remember:

October 18 — Movie Night & Nostrana Dines Out

October 26 — Foundation Pub Night, Green Dragon 7pm, Green Dragon

October 30 – Bowl-o-ween at Grand Central Bowl from 11am – 1 pm. Wear your costumes!

November 9 & 10 — Used Book Sale in the cafetorium during teacher conferences

November 18 — Grandparents/Special Friends Day

Important Dates for Kindergarten Parents

Hello to all the new kindergartners starting at Buckman this fall! School starts next week, but there are a few things happening before The Big Day to get everyone (including parents!) ready for the start of the school year. As always, it is a good idea to subscribe to the school calendar feed to stay informed about school events (hit “Add” at the bottom of the calendar on this site and select your calendar of choice).

All entering kindergartners should have received notification of their classroom assignment, as well as a designated day/time for a brief assessment. If you have not received this information, be sure to contact the Buckman office as soon as possible. Student meeting times are between Monday and Wednesday of next week!

Don’t miss the Kindergarten Playdate/Meet-Up this Thursday, August 25 from 3:30 to 5:00 pm on the upper playground. This is the chance for kids to familiarize themselves with Buckman and meet other children who will also be entering kindergarten. Fun and informal!

On Tuesday, August 30th, Kindergartners and their families are invited to the Kindergarten Welcome Picnic from 5:30-7:00 on the lower playground. Bring a picnic blanket and enjoy getting to know other families. Popsicles will be provided!

And lastly, the official FIRST DAY for incoming kindergartners is Thursday, September 1. After drop-off, parents are invited to join the PTA and school principal for coffee and snacks.

We hope this year is a great one for the newest members of our Buckman family!


Back-to-School Info, Welcome New Buckman Families!

We are partway through July… which means the school supplies are on the shelves and back-to-school excitement is already brewing! School starts August 29 for 1-5th graders and September 1 for kindergartners. With that in mind, we thought it would be good to put out a few reminders about upcoming events and provide some information for new Buckman families.

Buckman Events

School events are now being posted to the calendar. An agenda view of upcoming events is visible on the home page of this website, or you can bookmark and access the calendar on the events page for a monthly calendar display. We encourage you to use the calendar add/subscribe link to feed events directly to your personal calendar (Google, etc) and on your mobile devices. If you run into any trouble subscribing, contact for assistance.

Some important events to keep in mind for the start of the year:

August 25 – Kindergarten Playdate, Buckman Upper Playground, 3:30-5:00 pm
August 27 – Buckman Community Care Day, 9:00-2:00 pm
August 29 – First Day for 1-5th graders
August 30 – (tentative) Kindergarten Welcome Picnic, 5:30-7:00 pm
September 1 – Kindergarten Parent Welcome Coffee, after first drop-off, 8:45-9:45 am in the cafeteria
September 2 – SUN Program registration
September 9 – Back-to-School Picnic, 6:00-8:00 pm on the lower playground

Resources for New Families!

If you haven’t already checked out the parent-run Facebook page, you can visit it here for regular postings of Buckman happenings. The Buckman PPS website also publishes regular information at both a district-wide and school-specific level, including the weekly Buckman newsletter. Once school begins, you will also receive the newsletter in your inbox.

There are lots of ways to get involved in the Buckman community. This website details some of the parent-run organizations that provide volunteer opportunities. Read up on the Buckman PTA and the Buckman Foundation for information on what each organization does; our fundraising page details how the two organizations differ.  You can also check out specifics regarding Buckman’s biggest school events: the Buckman Art Show and Sell (usually takes place in March) and the Buckman Auction (often occurs in April). If you have questions about how you can get involved with either school organization, don’t hesitate to send an email to or Buckman loves volunteers!

If you haven’t already purchased school supplies, you should have received a supply list with your child(ren)’s teacher assignment. An easy option for many people is to order through Schoolhouse Supplies. The Buckman list has recently been posted; you can head to the online ordering page and select Buckman Elementary. Take note of the school code to be sure you get the right supply lists.

We hope some of this information has been helpful as we look forward to the 2016-2017 school year. Stay tuned for further updates as we get closer to the start of school!

PTA Clothing Center Volunteers Needed

lost_and_found-612x300Buckman’s day to volunteer at the PPS Clothing Center is this Thursday from 9:30-1:30. We need your help! Without enough volunteers families will be turned away from the opportunity to shop for clothes for their children. Many families take off work and travel long distances on public transportation to get to the clothing center. We would hate for anyone to be turned away!

This is a wonderful way to help families and children in our community.

Please email to sign up.

Thank you!