PTA Meeting Minutes

Buckman Arts Focus Elementary
PTA General Membership
October 6, 2015
6:00- 8:00 PM
Buckman Cafetorium
First 30 minutes of meeting was social time with pizza served to anyone interested.

Meeting called to Order by Co President, Wendy Marich at 6:30pm

  1. Welcome and introductions by PTA Co-President, Wendy Marich
  1. Volunteer Recognition – Wendy Marich

The following volunteers were acknowledged.

  • Doug Chamblin – grounds maintenance and community care day
  • Diane Zipper – back to school packets, volunteer surveys, Foundation help
  • Kim Dallas – auction chair
  • Claire Bernardo – Scrip and Chinook Book, Organizing back to school picnic
  • Samantha Bruner Cheryl Lapsley – Scrip and Chinook Book
  • Leah Christensen – Run For The Arts
  • Meredith Voorhees –  PTA clothing center, Kinder picnic, Buckman lost and found
  • Cesar Bernardo –  Assessing school tech needs. School website and directory
  • Nicole Edner – room parent coordinator
  1. Review and vote to approve minutes of April 2015 PTA Meeting – Margaret Speth

Minutes were reviewed by Margaret Speth PTA Scribe and were approved unanimously.

  1. Review and vote to approve Standing Rules.  PTA C-o President Sarah Suby.

Sarah explained that standing rules are the same as last year except the following:  Any expenditure or request for expenditure not in the budget needs to be voted on at general membership meeting. Any expenditure over $500 needs to be approved at general membership meeting. Any proposed increase to line items within the budget needs to be be brought to the general meeting and approved by vote.  Doug Chamblin made a motion to approve. Angela Kirkman seconded the motion. Standing rules approved.

  1. Budget snapshot –  Hilary Woodard, Treasurer

Hilary highlighted the following budget line items

  • $1000 for family events
  • $200 for each classroom teacher to purchase needed supplies
  • There is a line item to pay for various performances at the different grade levels for classroom teachers and arts teachers.
  • Discretionary funds line item.  Anyone (teachers and parents) can propose a special project if you have an idea.  Applicants must follow submission guidelines. Must benefit the entire school. Must be approved by vote at a PTA general meeting. Contact PTA officers for more information.
  1. Fundraising Notes
  • Art Show & Sell —  Michelle Chachka:
    There will be a meeting on 19th of October to kickoff planning for the ASAS
  • SCRIP  –   Claire Bernardo:
    Every Tuesday morning SCRIP is for sale in the school lobby. You can order online by contacting Samantha Bruner. 150 different retailers for SCRIP. Chinook Books available for sale through November.
  • Amazon smile and Fred Meyer rewards:
    Easy way to donate when you buy from Fred Meyer or Amazon. Sign up online and 5% will go to Buckman when you make a purchase. Click from the link in the newsletter to sign up.
  • PTA Membership Hilary:
    Buckman currently has 94 members. Any amount of membership dollars above $9.50 goes to Buckman. Tonight is the last night for the $20 family membership special. Otherwise membership is $12 per person
  1.  Call for volunteer needs
  • We need room parents to aid in communication. Please consider volunteering. Please check in with your teacher about being a room parent for your child’s classroom, or email Nicole Edner
  • We need someone to be conference potluck coordinator. Conference Days Potluck for Teachers (10/21, 10/22)  — we need someone to organize a signup genius to coordinate volunteers to bring in food and drinks for the teachers during these conference days. Ask Wendy or Sarah or email  This is an easy gig.

Buckman Elementary recently received iPads from Jackson Food Stores.

  1. “State of the School” Presentation by Principal Susan Kosmala
  • Enrollment – 482 children currently enrolled. We can expect those number to grow but the goal is to keep the school under 500 so as not to max out class sizes. There is a 50/50 mix of neighborhood to lottery/transfer kids.
  • Smarter Balanced assessment numbers are in. It’s only telling us how effective teaching is. Not how smart the kids are. Buckman scored in the 3-4 range.
  • Discussion of district policy, district milestones, and review of the comprehensive achievement plan.
  • Discussion of how to implement the CAP
  • Susan explained her goal of writing a mission statement for the school. We have a draft statement and Susan wants parents to provide feedback on the statement so that the statement can be finalized.
  • Susan wants to prioritize updating and focusing on a website that has current info. Improve communication and presence and to inform parents teachers and community.  The plan is to use Karen to update the website regularly.
  1. Final Announcements

Meeting Adjourned at 8:00pm by Wendy Marich

Next Meeting: Tuesday December 1st, 2015

Dates to Remember:

  • October 13 — Dick’s Kitchen 15% of every check all day from 11AM -9PM
  • October 21 & 22 — Used Book Sale in the cafetorium during teacher conferences
  • October 31 – Bowl-o-ween at Grand Central Bowl from 11am – 1 pm. Wear your costumes!
  • November 6 — Grandparents and Special Friends Day
  • November 10 — Nostrana, 10% of every check for dinner only, 5PM-10PM
  • November 17 — SUN Math Night
  • December 1 – PTA Community Meeting

Getting to know this year’s PTA leadership

Welcome back Buckman families and staff. We are looking forward to working with you this year and hope many of you will choose to become involved in the Buckman PTA. Here is a brief introduction to your officers and their responsibilities.

Co-Presidents: Sarah Suby and Wendy Marich
Responsible for providing leadership in our parent community; planning and facilitating community building events; supporting teachers and staff; helping to ensure that our students have what they need in order to be successful in school.

Sarah SubySarah Suby has been an active volunteer at Buckman for many years. From classroom assistance to chairing the annual auction, she has taken on a variety of roles helping make Buckman the amazing school that it is. We are very excited to have her partnering with Wendy to lead the PTA this year.

WendyWendy Marich is from Clearwater, Florida but has been living in Portland since 1997. She has two children attending Buckman this year: a daughter in 3rd grade and a son in 6th grade. Wendy loves the Buckman community and wants to continue building a strong, inclusive environment in which our children can thrive.

Vice President: Margaret FiveCrows
Responsible for assisting our co-presidents as needed, participating in board meetings, providing input for decisions and being an ambassador for the PTA and school.

Margaret FiveCrows

Margaret FiveCrows grew up in SLC, Utah but has been in Portland since 1997. Margaret has two children in Buckman this year: a son in kindergarten and a daughter in 2nd grade. She is happy to learn more about the PTA this year and get to know more of the incredible parents at Buckman.

Secretary: Margaret Speth
Reponsible for note taking and recording keeping throughout the year.

Originally from Buffalo, New York, Margaret Speth has also lived in Burlington, Vermont and San Francisco, CA. She has two children at Buckman this year: daughters in 5th and 1st grade. After volunteering in a number of school roles, she looks forward to supporting the school community with her new role in the PTA.

Treasurer: Hilary Woodard
Responsible for managing all financial activities and records for our PTA. The treasurer’s duties also include keeping records and preparing reports to comply with local, state and federal laws.

Hilary Woodard

Hilary is a British citizen, raising her family in the United States. She is whip smart (a Ph.D. in Geophysics!) and very fun to work with. We are thrilled to have her in charge of PTA finances this year.

Volunteer Appreciation event: May 29 at 9 am

Have you gone on a field trip, helped in the classroom, worked on a Buckman community event, or behind the scenes? Any amount of volunteerism is appreciated and now is our time to celebrate YOU! Please join other volunteers and the PTA for some refreshments and a raffle Friday, May 29 at 9 am in the Cafeteria. Spread the word, the more the merrier!


2015-2016 PTA Leadership announced

A big thanks to Krista Hofmeister and her team who have done a fantastic job! New PTA Board Members have been elected for next year. Please meet:

  • PTA Co-presidents: Sarah Suby, Wendy Marich 
  • PTA Vice President: Margaret FiveCrows 
  • PTA Treasurer: Hilary Woodard 
  • PTA Secretary: Margaret Speth

PTA General Membership Meeting Minutes

Buckman Arts Focus Elementary School

PTA General Membership Meeting

6:30-8:00 P.M.

Buckman Library


Meeting Called to Order at 6:35 PM by Krista Hofmeister, PTA President

We had a quorum (minimum of 7 PTA members).

1.     Welcome
Krista Hofmeister, PTA President

2.     Review & Approve 02/10/15 PTA Meeting Minutes
Deborah Lamberth, PTA Secretary

Deborah reviewed the meeting minutes from the 02/10/15 meeting and asked for any comments or

questions; there were none.  The minutes were signed and approved.

3.     Cyber-Safety Awareness Presentation
Sada Dewey, Buckman Couselor

o  Sada wanted to raise awareness about a Cyber-Safety Awareness presentation that will be given at Buckman on Monday, May 11th @ 6:15

o  There will be free childcare available

o  This is the parent version of the presentation; there will be a 5th grade version given to all 5th graders before Summer

4.     Purchase of Animal Library Books
Caroline Peters, Buckman Librarian

o  Caroline asked for additional funds for purchase animal books for the library

o  The animal books are very popular; kids like to study the animals and do papers on them

o  Janet made a motion to spend $1000 from the Special Projects & Small Grants line items of the budget on the new library books

o  The motion was passed unanimously

5.     Foundation Update
Don McIntosh, Buckman Foundation Chair

o  The auction raised $55,000

o  Don will be stepping down as Foundation Chair after this year; we will need a new one next year

o  Don would ideally like to transition to a new Chair before the end of the school year

6.     Election of New PTA Board Members
Krista Hofmeister, PTA President

o  Nominations

    PTA Co-Presidents:  Sarah Suby, Wendy Marich

    PTA Vice President:  Margaret FiveCrows

    PTA Treasurer:  Hilary Woodard

    PTA Secretary:  Margaret Speth

o  All nominations were unanimously approved

7.     Review and Vote on PTA 2015-16 Operating Budget
Krista Hofmeister, PTA President

o  2014-2015 Budget Update

    Overall budget was $40,400

    So far we have spent a little less half our budget – ~$18,000

    There are some expenses that typically come in toward the end of the year

    We currently have a total of around $74,000 in all of our bank accounts

o  Reviewed the new 2015-16 budget and answered questions on the specific line items

o  Angela made a motion to adopt the proposed budget which was approved unanimously

8.     2015-16 Staffing Outlook and Lottery Numbers
Jack Ubik, Acting Buckman Principal

o  Jack thanked the vibrant Buckman community and great staff

o  Jack reviewed all the staffing numbers for this year and the plans for next year

o  Jack answered questions on the staffing plans

o  A new 4thgrade hire and the Media Center Specialist jobs have been posted

o  Ms. Robin’s Leave of Absence has been extended to the end of the school year

9.     PTA Technology Fund
Krista Hofmeister, Mr. Vestal

o  Google Apps for Education

o  All students in 1st through 12th automatically get an account

o  Students can’t lose papers or delete them

o  Teachers can see the revision history

o  We are lacking training

o  The Google chrome books will run the Smarter Balanced test

o  We have 30 chrome books (does not include Mr. Scott’s old chrome books)

o  Google Apps for Education (GAFE) plan

o  Google Summit in July, Tuition is $495

o  Angela made a motion to pay $1000 for the Google Summit.  Passed unanimously.

10.  Final Announcements

o  Field Day Coordinator – Cara will contact the 2 new volunteers and help them get this organized

o  End of the Year Picnic – We are looking for a few volunteers to coordinate the picnic

o  Year Books – Last call for photos, order forms will be coming out

o  Portland School Board – Paul Anthony attended our meeting and offered to answer any questions

Meeting Adjournedat 8:13 PM by Krista Hofmeister, PTA President

Next Meeting is April 28th, 2015

Buckman Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

The Buckman PTA works to enhance educational opportunities for students and families, support staff, and promote family involvement in our school, with emphasis on the arts and arts integration. The elected board is here to help advocated for parent, children, and staff needs.

All community members are invited to participate in PTA events, including the bi-monthly evening PTA meetings focused on school and community related discussions and monthly morning coffee chats with the principal. We also host the annual Art Show and Sell, with local professional artists (and our own students) selling art and wares, and visiting author events.

The PTA engages the parent community to help in the classroom, support community projects, improve the school campus, organize donations for families in need, and fundraising thru the Scrip. It takes a village to make it happen, please reach out to us, and we’ll get you plugged in!

You’re membership also makes a difference. Annual Buckman PTA dues are $20 per family or $12 individual and includes Oregon PTA Membership, which advocates for better education at the state level and provides supports our local community. Join here. Or payment to the Buckman PTA can be left in the office PTA mailbox or mailed to the school.

The 2019-2021 Buckman PTA Board
Amanda Russell – Co President
Katie Barth – Co President
Annie Stowe – Vice President
Marina Heitz – Co Vice President of Equity and Inclusion
Maralea Lutino – Co Vice President of Equity and Inclusion
Lené Hopson – Secretary
Jeff Burns – Treasurer