PTA Meeting Minutes: 12/1/2015

Buckman Arts Focus Elementary
PTA Community Meeting Agenda
December 1, 2015
6:00- 8:00 PM
Buckman Cafetorium

First 30 minutes of meeting was social time with pizza served to anyone interested

Meeting called to order by co-president Wendy Marich at 6:30

  1.  Welcome and introductions by PTA Co-President — Wendy Marich
  2. Volunteer Recognition

The following volunteers were acknowledged

  • Angela Kirkman – parent/teacher conference potluck
  • Holly Moore – grandparents and special friends day
  • Cara Althoff and Diane Zipper – Used book sale
  • Melina Carabajal and Doug Chamblin –  New speaker system for cafeteria
  • Jennifer Magowan, Myra Lavenue, Margaret FIve Crows, Nicole Edner – Newsletter and communications
  • Lisa Dean – Book fair
  • Diane Meisenhelter – Season of sharing
  1.  Review and vote to approve minutes of October 2015 PTA Meeting

Minutes were read by Margaret Speth PTA scribe and were approved unanimously

  1. PTA Budget Snapshot — Hilary Woodard, Treasurer
  • PTA has spent 17k so far this year. We have about 56k left.  Majority of the $$ was spent on the library fund (new books for library), extended responsibility fund for arts specialists, donations to the clothing center and the student aid fund.
  • Vote  to add line item to the budget.  

The amount of money alloted to Mr Simmons by the PTA  last year was inadvertently drawn from the school fund instead of the PTA fund. Hilary proposed to add a line item to this year’s budget in the amount of  2,500 to reimburse the school fund for last years expenditure and for some SPED expenditures. It was proposed that the line item is called, ‘Reimbursement of Funds as Budgeted for 2014-2015′. Cara Althoff made a motion to approve. Angela Kirkham seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

  1.  Clothing Center Volunteers Needed Dec 7, 9:30 am – 1:30 pm

Meredith Voorhees needs volunteers for clothing center. Please consider volunteering your time. Split shift is ok if you cannot stay the whole time. The clothing center provides clothes to children of families in need at no cost. Families ‘shop’ at the clothing center and volunteers assist families in finding clothes that suit them.  Side note: For families wishing to donate – Any clothes in good condition can be dropped off at Buckman main office where they will be delivered to the clothing center at Marshall High School.  

  1. Season of Sharing

Volunteers are needed to sort gifts. Any new or gently used toys accepted. Also consider giving gift cards so families can purchase exactly what they want for their kids

  1. Art Show & Sell —  Michelle Cacka

Call for artists has closed and art show team is now reviewing/choosing which artists will participate in the show. ASAS is looking for a full service espresso cart to come to the school for the duration of the show.  They are also looking for two more bands/musicians to play. Contact Michelle if you know of anyone.

  1. Foundation Update – Frances Kappes, Foundation Chair
  • Many key volunteer positions will be vacated this year as families graduate out of Buckman. We need volunteers to shadow current committee heads this year so next year those positions are covered.  Most notable positions include, Dines Out and Auction Chair. Contact Frances if you are interested.
  • The Direct Ask Campaign is launching this week and will run for the month of December. A group of 15-20 parents has pledged to donate $8,000 if the Foundation can get 70 additional donors to give any amount of $$.
  1.  Final Announcements – Wendy Marich
  • The upcoming book fair needs volunteers.  Before and after school, in the morning and in the evening.
  • Sada Dewey is hosting a workshop on helping families help children cope with anxiety. Please attend. December 2, 6:15 -8:15.  Presentation given by Allan Cordova, PhD. who also happens to be a Buckman Parent
  1.  BeSmart Presentation

BeSmart is a branch of Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense and volunteers presented materials that were informative and non-political. Their goal is to reduce unintentional shootings and gun deaths that can occur when households have guns that are unsecured.  They identified 5 steps that every person (whether you are a gun owner or not) can take to be safe.  S – secure guns in homes and vehicles. M – Model responsible behavior. A – Ask about unsecured guns in other people’s homes before you child goes on a play date. (Consider email or texting the other family in order to help with potential awkwardness). R – Recognize signs of teen suicide. T – Tell peers to be SMART and spread the word.

Meeting was adjourned by Wendy Marich at 7:35

Dates to Remember:

December 7 – PTA Clothing Center Buckman Volunteer Day

December 7 – 11 Scholastic Book Fair, Monday – Friday mornings 7:45 – 8:30 am &                       Thursday 3 – 7 pm  and Friday 3 pm – 5 pm

December 11 – Season of Sharing gifts due to office

March 12 – 13 Buckman Art Show & Sell

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