About the Buckman PTA

The Buckman PTA works to enhance educational opportunities for students and families, support staff, and promote family involvement in our school, with emphasis on the arts and arts integration

Join the Buckman PTA Executive Board!

  • Do you love Buckman?
  • Do you have a few volunteer hours to offer each month?
  • Do you want to make sure our students, staff and teachers are supported?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, we hope you will consider joining our PTA at Buckman:

  • President-elect (shadow PTA President this year, acting PTA President next year)
  • Vice President of Communications elect (shadow Comms this year)
  • Treasurer-elect (shadow Treasurer this year)
  • Vice President of Equity & Inclusion
  • Secretary

Help us reach our 2023 – 2024 membership goal of 80 members. Join or renew your membership early. Dues support the Oregon PTA, a critical advocate for educational policy and funding at state and federal levels. They also provide support to our local community thru special education support and clothing centers. It’s quick and easy to join, and only costs $12 for the year. Join here. Payment to the ‘Buckman PTA’ may also be left in the office PTA mailbox or mailed to the school.

2023 - 2024 Buckman PTA Executive Board

Meet Your PTA

President: Aron Goffin

Co-President: John Ritz

Treasurer: Leanne Holm

Volunteer Coordinator Chair: Korrin Weldon

Secretary: Vacant

Treasurer Elect (2023 – 2025): Vacant

President Elect (2023 – 2025): Vacant

Contact the PTA at pta@buckmanelementary.org

Do you have a connection to a local coffee shop or restaurant? We are always looking for donations for the following events, so that we can keep as many dollars in the classroom as possible. Reach out to us at pta@buckmanelementary.org if you can help out.

  • every other month PTA general meeting
  • monthly community coffee chat with school leadership
  • teacher and staff appreciation meals (Thanksgiving break/conferences, Winter break, year-end appreciation)

Financial Snap-Shot from 2022 – 23
Total Expenditures: $42k

Total Income: $28k

Cash Carry Forward from Year Prior: $k

Approved Budget 2023 – 2024

Budget History here
What PTA typically fiscally supports here