About the Buckman PTA

The Buckman PTA works to enhance educational opportunities for students and families, support staff, and promote family involvement in our school, with emphasis on the arts and arts integration

The elected board is here to help advocate for parent, children, and staff needs and provide a framework for community interaction.

All Buckman community members are invited to participate in PTA events, including the bi-monthly evening PTA meetings focused on school and community related discussions and monthly morning coffee chats with the principal. We also host the annual Art Show and Sell, with local professional artists (and our own students) selling art and wares, and visiting author events.

The PTA engages the parent community to help in the classroom, support community projects, improve the school campus, organize donations for families in need, and fund raise for school supplies and events. It takes a village to make it happen, please reach out to us, and we’ll get you plugged in!

Membership makes a difference. Annual Buckman PTA dues are $9.50 per individual. Dues support the Oregon PTA, which advocates for better education at state and federal levels and provides support to our local community thru special education support and clothing centers. Join here. Payment to the ‘Buckman PTA’ may also be left in the office PTA mailbox or mailed to the school.

2021-2023 Buckman PTA Executive Board

Caryn Jones – Co President
Shannon Berke – Co President
Aron Goffin – Vice President of Communications
Dawn Richardson – Co Vice President of Equity and Inclusion
Maralea Lutino (2021-22) – Co Vice President of Equity and Inclusion
Emily Sokolski – Secretary
Jeff Burns- Treasurer
LeeAnn Holm (2022-24) – Treasurer Elect

Contact the PTA at pta@buckmanelementary.org

Thank you to our prior board members Amanda Russell, Katie Barth, Annie Stowe, Marina Heitz, and Lené Hopson in steering the boat thru the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thank you to parents that have contributed funds directly to the PTA, and thru Scrip, Smile.Amazon, Fred Meyer Rewards, the Nike Benevity Match, Bottle Drop, Art Show/Sell, Equity Talks, Charlston Wrap, and Green fundraising events.

And big thank yous to the friends and families of Buckman Elementary for making the playground green space a reality.

Financial Snap-Shot from 2020-21
Non-Profit Revenue: $12k
In Kind Donations: $4k
Operation Expense: $1k
Family Support and Events: $4k
Buckman Staff Support: $12k
General Community Support: $2k
Net Income: -$14k
Cash and Asset Balance: $63k

Approved Budget for 2021-22 (Q1 Actual)

Projected Non-Profit Revenue: $26k  (-$1k)
     Includes $12k est. from Art Show and Sell
In Kind Donations: $5k
Operation Expense: $1k  ($500)
Family Support and Events: $8k  ($1k)
Buckman Staff Support: $33k  ($15k)
General Community Support: $2k ($1k)

Net Income: -$18k  (-$9K)

Additional Revenue Supported by the PTA and Community
Projected Run for the Arts Revenue: $20k
Projected Buckman Foundation Revenue: $90k est.

Detailed budget here
Last Meeting Minutes here