Fundraising Overview

The PTA and the Buckman Foundation both raise funds for Buckman Elementary, but they differ in concrete ways.

Buckman is supported by two fundraising arms: the Buckman PTA and the Buckman Foundation. Here is an overview to help you understand the purpose, needs, and activities of these important organizations.

Buckman Foundation Buckman PTA
In a nutshell STAFF STUFF
Purpose Pays for some of our school’s staffing. Buckman receives no additional funding for our arts team beyond the Portland Public School District’s basic financial support for instruction. The Buckman Foundation is the only way we are able to fill the gap between the funds provided for staffing by PPS and the funds needed to maintain our desired staffing model.
Allows our unique arts program to continue. Buckman Foundation donations are critical each year to help retain our outstanding arts-integrated programs. The arts integration creates a more well-rounded student, helping our kids learn to think in new ways and approach problem-solving from unique angles as well as supporting different learning styles among the students.
The PTA harnesses dollars and volunteers to improve school programs. Over the past several years have paid for the covered playground and new play structures on the upper playground, technology equipment, a piano, annual curriculum fund, visiting writers, donations to the clothing center and student aid fund, and more.
The PTA advocates for our school’s needs. We communicate to PPS leadership and our governing representatives on any issues our school is facing. We also connect with community to further our powerful mission: “make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.”
The PTA helps to keep parents and staff informed. Whether through the Buckman email newsletter, PTA meetings throughout the year, and through social media, we are constantly in contact with parents and staff of Buckman.
Annual fundraising goal $ 85,000 – $150,000
(roughly $300 per family – some families give more and others less)
How dollars are raised Direct donations
Annual benefit auction
• Buckman Dines Out
• Grade level parties
• Merchandise sales
  • Buckman Art Show and Sell in April
  • Move for the Arts in the Fall
  • Bottledrop Recycling Program Pick up a blue bag at the bulletin board across from the office for bottles and cans, and drop at the nearest bottledrop location (Safeway and Fred Meyers on Hawthorne)
  • Fred Meyer Community Rewards Sign up to earn the Buckman PTA funds, and still earn the same rewards points for yourself. Search for Buckman Elementary IC453.
  • Company matching. Parent and caregivers places of employment offer donation matching programs.
  • Direct donations through fundraising asks throughout the year.