Buckman’s Year-End Ask Campaign Is On!

Ms. Darcy RudnickThe Buckman Foundation’s Year-End ask Campaign kicks off on Giving Tuesday (November 29) and runs until December 31, 2022. The campaign aims to raise the funds needed for our Media Specialist, Ms. Rudnick, to maintain her position full-time for the 2023-2024 school year.

Buckman Needs Ms. Rudnick

Ms. Rudnick is a treasure at Buckman. Her dedication to getting students excited about reading through her enthusiasm and careful curation of books for all is indisputable. Ms. Rudnick also serves on a committee with PPS to curate a better list of books to support the new curriculum, and works tirelessly to move students along in their media literacy skills.

Give today to ensure Ms. Rudnick stays at Buckman full-time!


If 75 people give at any level before December 31st, a group of Buckman families have pledged to donate an additional $13,000 to this campaign! A donation of $1 or $5 gets us one step closer towards unlocking the challenge match amount.


Head to the Buckman Foundation’s  Year-End Ask campaign page to give. You can also monitor the progress our community as made toward our goal. Let’s do this, Buckman!

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